I never did know how to not be a fangirl. ♥

He ate a petal for her… which is oddly romantic.

Behind the scenes of Bahala Na.

Stolen kisses. Magjowa na ituuu. Sanay na sanay e. Haha!

A throwback to Sandeng and Sir Alex.

iamalyssar asked: Super awesome niyo pong gumawa ng gifs at posts tungkol sa JaDine! Palagi po kitang chinecheck dito sa tumblr atbsa twitter. Tuwang-tuwa lang talaga ako sa inyo. Hahaha. I'm looking forward pa po sa mga gifs at posts niyo lalo na po at Kapamilya na sila. Sana magkaproject o magkaprod sila with KimXi para super kilig! Thank you po and more power to JaDine and KimXi! :)

Aw thanks! You’re too sweet! I agree, sana nga magkaproject sila nang magkakasama. :D

What are you doing to me, Jadine?
I am dead.

And the fans in the studio died.


Please please please send me requests. I have 4 Jadine posts on my drafts and 0 KimXi posts. :( It makes me sad!

"Forever is giving unlimited chances to love you right every day."

Kim and Xian, Moët & Chandon’s Most Fabulous Pair!

Can’t wait for Star Magic Ball 2014! I am 101% sure they’re going together again. :)

I miss Kim and Xian so bad… :(

 I miss making GIFs of their shows/guestings…

Ikaw Lamang is cute and all (this book, at least; the previous book SUCKED)… but I just wish KimXi would get their own teleserye. A show where they actually are the leads.

I mean— My Binondo Girl was awesome! But it wasn’t a Kim and Xian teleserye. It was a Kim and AiAi teleserye and Xian wasn’t even meant to be the male lead… he just happened to be by the end of the show because he had insane chemistry with Kim. Ina Kapatid Anak was also pretty good but let’s face it— Xian (and even Kim sometimes) was robbed of so much screentime in that show. Sobrang ginamit lang ang KimXi loveteam to promote it but it ended up being the Margaux show (for fuck’s sake… I still get pissed thinking about it).

THEY DESERVE THEIR OWN SHOW… And I am still praying to the show lords that they get it. And hopefully, it will be under STAR CREATIVES and not Dreamscape because Dreamscape is notoriously horrible. Prayer circle please.


James and Nadine are now officially part of the Kapamilya network! Congratulations Jadine!

"Hindi pa siguro sila," said no one ever.

JaDine taking on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Can’t wait for Kim and Xian’s videos! Sana sabay rin nilang gawin haha!

Anonymous asked: Ohhhhh My Gooooooooodnesss!!! I sooo love JaDine already!! I just saw the backstage footage after they did the ALSIceBucketChallenge and gaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is madness!! And their movie, TYBD, though far from perfect didn't disappoint in the KILIG department. JaDine my second OTP next to KimXi!! Hihi :>

Messages like this warm my heart. Continue shipping them because they seem like good kids. ;)

Kim Chiu is a beautiful, kind, and strong self-made woman.

“If you don’t like a girl, do not mislead her. Guard your actions. Don’t make her feel special if she isn’t.”
- Like laying on her lap or wrapping your arms around her. It may not be special to you, but a girl can see it in an entirely different way. Capisce?