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ks1794 asked: Hi! I so love your blog since we both ship KimXi & JaDine! I'm more of a Kpop fan & I only love these two pairings when it comes to local showbiz. Your posts are really AWESOME. As a recent JaDine shipper, it breaks my heart to see those hateful posts to James & Nadine who are undeniably talented. Do they even gain something meaningful by putting others down? The so-called "freedom of speech" has its limits too. Continue making us happy through your posts! Thanks again! :D

Awww! Thanks! My suggestion to you is to just ignore the haters. If an opinion is hateful, baseless, and made for the sole purpose of pulling other people down— it’s not worth your time and attention. You know James and Nadine and you know that they’re talented young celebrities with long and fruitful careers ahead of them so be secure in that! Fans > Haters. KEEP SUPPORTING! :)

Shake the haters off. Taylor Swift style! :) 

I have never witnessed better and more natural chemistry than what Kim and Xian have. :)

potato-moo asked: I'm a KathNiel Fan but I agree with your opinions. I'm super a KN fan that would bash whoever steps on my otp before, I wasn't really updated anymore regarding KN because I'm too busy with my studies but when the whole audio thing came up and read your post it made me realize you're right. Keep it reel. All hail your opinions cause I really do agree with you. And oh, I ship James with Tricia Santos before and now you're making me love JaDine!!

I am glad there are still fans like you who see reason. :) It’s so easy, when you’re a fan, to be blinded by the half-hearted apologies of the people you support. It isn’t until you’ve grown and matured a bit that you are not as easily fooled. It’s best to support people who aren’t trying to fool you e.

For instance, ako, I like that JaDine never forced people to think they’re into each other if hindi naman talaga. Or KimXi… at the beginning of their loveteam, friends lang talaga sila. It wasn’t about a year or two into their partnership na nagkaroon na talaga ng real emotions— and even now, they still don’t make their courtship and relationship a publicly huge deal. :) Makikita mo lang in subtle actions but they don’t broadcast it and never sila nag-PDA.

Aww I am glad I helped you see the amazingness that is JaDine! Keep rocking!


Making me fall deeper and deeper for their chemistry… Jadine, ladies and gentlemen.

“My good opinion once lost is lost forever.”

Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

I am sorry but this is my truth. I know they still have a lot of projects lined up so they can’t really do anything that will wreck those plans right now… but this is exactly what I went through as a Kimerald fan and I’ve learned so much from that experience. I do, honestly, hope I am wrong.

I hope Kathniel are fine and I hope the audio recording is fake.

I haven’t been posting Kathniel photosets/GIFsets on this blog because their fans have annoyed me in the past. I do, however, like Kathniel a lot. I still have a strong feeling that the audio recording is real; having said that, I want Kathryn to be happy (okay, honesty time… mas gusto ko kasi si Kathryn kaysa si DJ haha!). So if she decides that being with DJ, despite all the drama, is what makes her happy… then good.

But I really hope that this event served as a lesson to DJ to value her a little bit more. Siguro cautious lang ako as a Kim fan… the situation feels all too familiar to me. I just hope that DJ is not the same gago Gerald is and was with Kim. I hope DJ’s better than that audio recording and that they both rise above it.

The photo above worries me because it’s so familiar to me! This was taken earlier today before Kathryn posted this (semi) old photo of her and DJ. I remember Kim smiling but looking really sad in the eyes circa 2010. I knew something was up but I wouldn’t admit it to myself because I was too blinded by my love for Kimerald. Rumors of Gerald being a ladies’ man were going around and Kim had to defend him (all the while knowing that those rumors are true) and she was dead behind her eyes.

Sana hindi totoo na pinupormahan ni DJ si Jasmine. Sana hindi totoo na damage control lang itong lahat. Sana.

Rocco’s proposal. (3/3)


carangadango asked: Do you mind telling me what Daniel said in the audio (in English, dont understand much Tagalog) pls n ty! :)

The recording begins with DJ making fun of some guy (presumably Sam Concepcion). He said that the guy dressed weirdly in a Guns & Roses shirt with a leather jacket and biker jeans. He also says that the guy smelled bad.

Then he proceeds to talking about texting with some girl (presumably Sam’s girlfriend, Jasmine Curtis). Daniel and Jasmine are working on a movie, Bonifacio, together, I think.

I think he had a phone call with her and before she hung up, he told her he wanted to talk to her about something but he’ll just text her about it. He texted her when he got home but it took her a long time to reply… but when she finally did, he said “kinilig yung tumbong” (tumbong means ‘butt’) niya. The recording ends with DJ saying that Patrick (presumably Patrick Sugui who is a common friend of Daniel’s and Sam’s) was gone and he was free to make a move on the girl because Sam’s friends are not around.

It’s really him though, there’s no denying that. But he has sucky friends who leak his private conversations. The situation’s just very messy.

I believe Kathryn deserves better because she is a great person. Kathryn deserves a man, not a boy.

That’s my opinion…

Hindi sila nagtugma sa greeting nila… Super adorable!

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Daniel Padilla talking about Sam Concepcion and Jasmine Curtis

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With this Kathniel drama going on, I am convinced now, more than ever, that celebrities at their age should really strive to keep their relationships professional. Keep it reel. I am not alien to situations like this. Hello, remember Kimerald?

I know that it’s difficult to be a fan of a loveteam because you are often at risk to the rude awakening that the celebrity (usually, the guy) you support was not as honest to you as you thought. It’s a tough pill to swallow and I get it.

But at this age, barely stepping off their teenage years, relationships are volatile. Daniel is a teenage boy… but we expect him to make life and relationship decisions as if he were an adult. Maybe Kathniel isn’t for real, maybe it’s all for show— but maybe Kathniel is for real and maybe Daniel is just a ladies’ man. These are things that are easier to know and accept now than to know and accept later in life when you’ve invested even more of your life to him.

Kathniel fans, we may have had disagreements in the past but I hope you’ll be okay. I know, at that age, your favorite loveteam going through something like this seems like the end of the world - but it’s not. Just keep your head up. And then move on.

Remember this post? Actors have to be cautious about their actions because when they’re making pa-kilig, they’re not just misleading the girl, they’re also misleading the fans.

Which is why I highly suggest to Jadine and Jadine fans, keep it reel. To Jadine, don’t enter a relationship unless you two are sure. To fans, don’t expect them to get together just because they work with each other. To Jadine, don’t be pressured into getting together… because pressure wears out and what will happen after that? To fans, don’t pressure them into getting together; rather, enjoy their chemistry and the projects they offer.

Let’s all let this be a lesson to all of us. Give it a week or two, and everyone and everything will be okay.

Keep your heads up, Kathniels.

Kim and Xian’s Movie Kisses.

The two of us together, make everything glitter.

I’ve begun seriously considering giving up fangirling.

It takes up too much of my time and I’m just not 14 anymore, you know? I’m going to turn 20 in a couple of months and I just need to begin focusing on real things like my job or my fitness or my lovelife (ano daw?) - I don’t know… I might not be thinking straight lang. Welp.

Rocco’s proposal. (2/3)