I never did know how to not be a fangirl. ♥

Let’s watch TALK BACK AND YOU’RE DEAD. I’ve been hearing really awesome things about it.

P.S. Wag daw po aalis agad… hintayin daw matapos ang credits for the post-credits scene.

"Ikikiss mo ‘ko o ikikiss kita?"

You’re perfect to me.

Talk Back and You’re Dead, NOW SHOWING NATIONWIDE!

Anonymous asked: THANK YOU FOR INTRODUCING ME TO JADINE. Omg omg omg :3 Thank you soooooo mucho mucho! :3

You are very welcome! :)

Wala na ‘kong paki,
Basta bahala na.
Alam ko lang kasing minamahal kita.
At kahit pa sabihin na,
Sa’kin di ka itinadhana.
Mahal kita kasi,
Kaya bahala na.

Talk Back and You’re Dead in cinemas August 20, 2014.

Anonymous asked: Hey there! Just wanna thank you for paving the way para makilala ko ang JaDine. I've only been a KimXi before fan but now i already LOVE them both. Also love your blog btw! P.S. I don't hate KN but I have to agree with you that their fans are freaking annoying!! Talk about crab mentality right?

Awww you are VERY welcome! :) Embrace the Jadine lovin’. Haha!

Let’s not talk about KN anymore to not piss off their fans who are so very powerful in the twitter world! Hahahaaahilarious.

*Ovaries explode*

I will be posting more Jadine photosets kasi karagsaan ng Talk Back and You’re Dead promotion. :)

Kilig na kilig na ako sa kanila. Haha! Kim fans, please bear with! Embrace the Jadine love… it’s nice here. Haha!

This is the last time I’m posting about it ‘cause I feel like I’ve gotten my point across for what it’s worth… It’s cluttering my tumblr and I didn’t expect such a strong response from your fanbase and I’m not liking the untoward attention.

I’m not gonna reply to all your asks. It’s a waste of my time. I am, instead, passive-aggressively addressing this bullshit so it can finally be contained (in the most unhealthy way possible hahahaaaa).

I like Kathniel but I don’t like the majority of their fans, primarily those who think that trending something negative about another fandom to assert their power is an admissible way of showing support. I am not a fan of their fans’ way of insecurely downing others (KimXi, Julielmo, Julia Barretto, and now, JaDine) as a way of lifting up Kathryn and Daniel. They accused KimXi fans of cheating in Yahoo!OMG, they have shown aggression towards Julielmo fans as well, and God knows the hate that Julia Barretto gets from those kids.

Hey, I am not a backwards person and I acknowledge that there are fans who are mature and I am glad to see that a lot of fans here on tumblr are really mature in comparison to those on twitter. But that doesn’t mean that your fandom pleases me altogether. Having said that, the thing is… you don’t have to please me. You don’t have to please anyone for that matter. If you wish to continue acting the way you do, go right ahead… but I guess you’ll just have to live with the fact that people (people like me, I suppose)—- won’t stand for your bullying.

It pisses me off, I am not pleased by it, I expressed my displeasure—- now, leave me the fuck alone. If you don’t, I’ll just ignore the aggression anyway ‘cause I have a 9-to-5 job and things to do with my life. Haha!

Again, enjoy life at the top of the fandom food chain. ;) Not tagging ‘cause people seem to be extremely territorial of the Kathniel tag. Apparently, criticism isn’t allowed on there and I got about 5 asks telling me I shouldn’t have tagged Kathniel in that post so I’m just gonna bow out. I do not know the rules of tumblr, teach me pls. Tss. Haha!

People have got to stop sending me these ridiculous asks. I swear to God. Day in, day out, you are just proving to me how incredibly frustrating and smug your fandom is.

Your shady, crass, and illogical asks aren’t helping your cause with me.

I am just one person… my opinion shouldn’t matter that much to you. JFC, ten asks for one post?! Pffft.

If you don’t agree with me… I repeat, it’s perfectly fine.

screamingbooks asked: Oh my god. You just cracked me up on how you shut that kathniel fan up. I really didn't understand whatever she was talking about because it wasn't making sense at all. Anyway, I totally agree with you how much things just got out of hand since the rise of the fandom. I mean, I was a big fan too (I guess, just a DJ fan but Kathniel comes along with that). And I'd say it was very insecure of them to do that to JaDine when it's their turn to rise up as teen stars. I think they're just threatened.

Yep. I think they’re threatened too… but of course they won’t admit that. JaDine are doing very well for beginners. They’re attracting so much attention— take note, wala pa silang regular TV appearance nyan whatsoever ah.

Their FIRST movie earned over 100 million in the box office without any precedent… dinala lang talaga ng chemistry and X-factor nila.

I’d say hindi naman sila ‘threat' to Kathniel… they're healthy competition. Fans lang talaga nagcucomplicate ng mga bagay.

Anonymous asked: omg i ventured into that asapwalangsigaw tag and man the horror jesus christ there was so much stupidity and immaturity my brain is rotting!! the worse part was that they were so proud of it

Yes! Exactly. They were so proud that they were able to trend it. Like it was some big achievement on their part. :)) WTF is that.

It’s like you hit the new kid on the playground and being happy you did it… so immature. So kindergarten. I am cackling. Their lives are so sad.

Ito na lang para kilig… :))

I suppose I used the improper term.

I do not ‘hate' Kathniel. Why should I? They make me smile, they make me kilig, and they seem like good kids with good heads on their shoulders.

Their fans, however, have made me— how do I put this— indifferent towards them. Which is a pity because I liked them a fair amount.

Oh well, papel. At one point, I was a Kimerald fan and that fandom was also the worst in retrospect. I guess that’s what being teen royalty fans and being at the top of the fandom food chain does to people.

If you don’t agree with me, that’s perfectly fine. :) Bye.


Let me give you a million reasons to watch Talk Back and You’re Dead.

In cinemas August 20, 2014.

What love can do.

xx Bride for Rent parallels.