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Fuck yeah Kimmy Chiu!

Now that the Kim/Maja issue has been put to rest, it’s time they (especially Maja) put their mouths to rest when asked about it.

It happened over a year ago… It’s a non-issue now. Kim’s happy. Maja seems to be happy (LOL I wouldn’t know I don’t give a fuck about her life) so can she please just shut up about Kim?

I’ve been a Kimmy fan from the very beginning. I saw how happy she was with Gerald and how heartbroken she was when he cheated on her and after their eventual breakup. I saw her beat herself up about it. I saw how unhealthy she became because of Gerald and how uninspired she was with her career. It was scary for a while. Then Xian came. And then he stayed.

He showed her how to love and how to open her heart to another person again. Now, Kim is as happy and as beautiful as ever… and as a Kim fan, I am truly, truly grateful that he came into her life.

"OMG! With that kind of face, confirmed! Totoo nga na mas kailangan mo nga ako!"

Grabe ang lakas-lakas ng chemistry nila. Napaka-natural!


An epic love story.

Ikaw Lamang starring our one and only Primetime Princess, KIM CHIU! Soon on Primetime Bida!


Kim during her audition interview for Pinoy Big Brother way back in 2006.

She has truly attained her dreams. Drama, comedy, romance, she has really shown that her star shines brightly. From adorable to beautiful, from sweet to bold and confident. It has been an absolute pleasure to be a part of this journey, Kimberly.

I’ve been your fan since 2006. Onto 8 more years! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIMMY!

"Oo… binabayaran mo ‘ko. Dahil kailangan ko ang pera mo. Pero kung hindi naman dahil sa akin, hindi ka naman magkakaroon ng pera. So sa madaling salita, mas kailangan mo ako. Tama ba ako?"

They’re so comfortable with hugging and holding hands (sway-sway pa) in front of people when they’re in the US. Oh, to be young and away from home with the one person you want to be with.

When they’re not here in the Philippines, they’re more able to freely show their affection for each other. You stay there forever, sweethearts!

"Ui first kiss ‘to. Dapat nga matuwa ka pa. Kunyari ka pa, gusto mo rin naman."

Bride for Rent Deleted Scene: Rocco explains their deal to Rocky.

"Ang dali niyo naman pong… makipag-break."